A new range of high quality 2D platelet products from a reliable supply partner.

Thomas Swan is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of carbon nanomaterials which is underpinned by our position as an independent, international, performance and fine chemicals manufacturer.

We supply a range of quality Elicarb® Graphene products, first launched in 2014. We have now extended our product range to include 2-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride (Elinova® 2D Boron Nitride) platelets. These products are manufactured using our proprietary Direct Liquid Exfoliation process.

Elinova® 2D Boron Nitride:

2D boron nitride platelets are manufactured by Direct Liquid Exfoliation of high purity h-boron nitride. This is a proprietary process which produces well- controlled, high aspect ratio platelets without utilising aggressive chemistries such as acids or oxidising agents. These 2D boron nitride products will benefit from the attributes of h-boron nitride with some enhanced properties due to the high aspect ratio of the 2D platelets. These include high gas and moisture barrier, mechanical reinforcement and thermal conductivity.

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