Rubber Accelerators


In addition to the specialty rubber accelerators we offer from Robinson Brothers, we also offer several industry standard general purpose, primary and secondary rubber accelerators.  These products primarily fall in the thiazole, sulfenamide and thiuram families.


We are the exclusive distributors for Robinson Brothers line of Robac accelerators in the U.S. and Canada.  Founded in 1869, Robinson Brothers is a specialty chemical manufacturer with global manufacturing and headquarters located in West Bromwich, UK

The Robac Technology division is a customer focused business unit within the Robinson Brothers group.  Their line of rubber accelerators was developed to satisfy the technical and regulatory challenges facing the rubber industry, while providing customers with the products they need and the support they expect.

The Robac product portfolio specializes in chemicals used in dry and wet rubber applications.  The Robac brand is renowned worldwide for specialty products utilized for;

  • Rubber vulcanization
  • Low temperature cure accelerators
  • Ultra accelerators
  • Safer accelerators

Key research areas for the Robac Technology have been for;

  • Novel sulfur cure systems
  • Replacement of ETU with Robac SRM102
  • Avoidance of Type IV allergens and N-nitrosamines
  • Improved dispersion technologies
  • Low temperature cure systems