Industry Standard Grades

We manufacture and stock many of the industry standard, uncured black masterbatch products, such as 1605, 1815 and 1848.  These standard grades allow rubber processors to add in their own cure packages (or customized cure packages supplied separately by Swan Chemical) while eliminating the housekeeping issues associated with the mixing of carbon black.  Additional benefits include the reduction of inventory costs, labor and energy associated with in-house mixing.

Save Time and Money

In addition to improved plant cleanliness due to the elimination of mixing carbon black in-house, take advantage of the other benefits associated with getting your carbon black, rubber and select additives pre-mixed for you.Realize cost savings due to the reduction of multiple raw materials kept in stock waiting to be mixed.Reduce your labor costs associated with operating an in-house mixing line or moving these employees into functions that add more value to your business.Reduce your energy costs by the reduction or elimination of running a mixing line.Eliminate capital expenditures and production downtime if you no longer have to worry about mixing in house.

Masterbatch Products


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